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Do it differently! And become part of the NOWASTE movement.

Everybody wants to contribute to protect the environment and to reduce waste.
That precisely is our mission. Therefore we named ourselves NOWASTE.
We are a talented, creative team and a leading manufacturer of product solutions based on natural resources. As a result NOWASTE enables companies and human beings to make a contribution in reducing waste and preserving natural resources.

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Per hour, 320,000 disposable cups are thrown away in Germany. That is about 2.8 billion cups a year.

Mach' es anders!
Nimm deinen mit zum Bäcker.
  • Biodegradable
  • Natural raw material
  • Made in Germany
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nowaste is more than a company name, nowaste is a promese:

We develop multi-solutions
Biodegradable products
Renewable raw materials
Made in Germany
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Do it differently! And become part of the NOWASTE movement.
treecup 400
Design your own cup!
Get it!
Get it!
  • Natural raw material
  • Biodegradable
  • Made in Germany
  • Reusable Solution
  • Heat resistance up to 110 ° C
  • Suitable for cold and hot drinks
  • Break, scratch and impact resistant
  • Non-flavored and odorless
  • 250 times in dish washer! no problem

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Sustainability report adidas

Wie versprochen reichen wir hier das Stadion ⚽️ Interview nach. Unser Oberbürgermeister Stefan Schostok, Umweltdezernentin Sabine Tegtmeyer-Dette, aha Geschäftsführer Thomas Schwarz und Stefan Kuna (Moderator/96-Stadionsprecher) erklären in der Halbzeitpause den #Hannoccino ☕️

Gepostet von Hannoccino am Montag, 28. August 2017

Hannoccino Cup for Hannover City

The new treecup 400


mach's anders

Genieße deinen Morgen mit einem frisch zubereiteten Kaffee in unserem treecup Becher. Zum Beispiel in der The Espressobar in Frankfurt am Main…

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mach's anders!

Mach mit bei unserem treecup Gewinnspiel und gewinne 100 Euro! Und so geht’s – lade dein Foto mit dem #treecupgewinnspiel über eine der..

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Gleich geht’s los ⚽

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Your ®treecup can be cleaned at least 250 times in the dishwasher.

This way we already saved about


disposable cups.
And that is just the beginning!

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