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Tree Cup 250

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100 % biodegradable. Harmless. Dishwasher safe. Foodsafe. Made in Germany. The modern and environmetal conscious Nowaste®- Tree Cup 250 is made out of woodplastic and is completely free of softeners and any harming substances. It can be re-used therefore at least 100 times with a clear conscious – for a clean environment and the protection of the natural resources.

100% made out of naturally growing materials
100% Made in Germany
100% biodegradable
Dishwasher safe TUV DIN EN 12875
ISEGA Certificate of Compliance LFBG
Warm and frost confirmation up to 110°C
Filling quantity with calibration mark max. 0,25l
Suitable for cold as well as hot drinks
Stackable, small need for space
Thick-walled and stable
Floor with drainage grooves
Flavour and odorless
Heat resistance up to 110 ° C
Break, scratch, and impact resistant
Dishwasher safe
Biodegradable EN 13432

Multi-use cups – TREE CUP 250

Our Tree Cup 250 is of any harming substances, climate neutral and biodegradable. The biodegradability of the products has been checked and certified by the internationally recognized and independent institute OWS in Belgium in accordance with the examinatin regulations DINEN13432. The quality of the 100% Made in Germany reusable cups will convince and bring you everyday in the environmentally conscious enjoyment of your drinks.

Our multi-use TREE CUP 250 is of course free from any pollutants & softeners to give you an absolutely healthy drinking experience. Should your TREE CUP once accidentally land in the domestic waste and after in the combustion, it has already generated the CO² through photosynthesis at growth and will stay therefore 100% climate neutral.

Decide today for the climate friendly and environmental conscious product by NOWASTE® and you will do something good for our environment – For a better future!

Reusable Tree Cup by NOWASTE® – For a better future and an environment without piles of waste.

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